With this event you can now celebrate turning into vampire and get some reward starter pack in the same time! 

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and Vampires Game Pack!



There are 4 mandatory participants of the event:


- Vampire Novice - must be a human, the one that will be turned


- Senior Vampire - you will be able only to choose the vampire who has perk of vampire creator


- Vampire Guests - any vampire that is in your game can be invited


- Normal guests - anyone that you know and you want to invite


To complete certain tasks you will need to have plazma fruits or some level of vampire lore. You can buy plasma fruits via computer if you have level 9 of vampire lore. But if you got them other way - that's also fine, as long as you have them, you can complete tasks.

Main goal is of course to be turned into vampire (although the process will take few more days for your Sim to complete the change).

Remember that you can ask a vampire for turning you into one, only if you are a friend with this vampire (unless you play with some mods that are changing this).


But don't worry, if you don't manage to be turned this time, you can always try again!


As a reward you will get a starter pack for your newborn: plasma packs, plasma fruits, Ultimate Vampire Tome and a coffin. The better the party is - the more you get.




Conflicts: This mod doesn't override existing files so should not conflict with other Sims 4 mods.




English - by me

Polish - by me

French thanks to MaiaGame 

Russian thanks to Annie Hugss 

Italian thanks to ZaffiroGarnet 

Portuguese thanks to qlaqercoixsa 

Spanish thanks to by Enzo 

Dutch thanks to GothiqeSimmer