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Childhood Ambitions Bundle

 Requires only Base Game for 3 aspirations and for one aspiration - Kids Room Stuff pack.
For School Star aspiration to fully work you'll need also XML injector (the current version).

With this mod you get 4 new aspirations for children:


1. Little Entrepreneur - your youngest Sim wants to earn some first money. For this aspiration my One time jobs for Children is required. 


2. School Star - choose afterschool activity, learn new hobby, it can be playing instrument, singing, dancing etc. And finally win School Talent Contest.


For this aspiration I recommend to use my Afterschool Activities mod, however it should work with any available activity - also custom ones done by other modders.


To complete tasks of winning contest - you can user either rabbit hole interaction, or my event Talent Contest.


3. Little Explorer - this is for brave Sims who are curious about the world around them. Travel to various locations, collect treasures, sleep in a tent. Get the Badge of Great Explorer.


4. Voidcritters Master - Catch Them All :D This aspiration requires Kids Room Stuff pack to collect Voidcritters.




French (Kimiko Soma)

Chinese (Mumu) 

Dutch - for School Star aspiration (by Kimberley) 

Italian (ZaffiroGarnet) 

Portuguese (by qlaqercoixsa) 

Dutch (by Kimberley) 

Spanish by Mine (also known as Nerea)




This mod doesn't override existing files so should not conflict with other Sims 4 mods.