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Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims

This little tuning Mod adds a SimPicker to the Unlock Door Pie Menu.


On Residential Lots


With the SimPicker you can choose up to 20 Sims including Sims who are not in the Household to unlock/lock the door for.

Lock (Unlock) for specific Pets and Gender & Age* Door Locks (only one Age can be locked out at the same time!)

Lock/Unlock for all small Farm Animals (Chicken, Rabbit, Sheep, Goat)

*Unlock Options for certain Ages. After locking the Door you’ll find a new Pie Menu “Unlock Door for…” under “Allow Access to…”. There you can choose the Age you want to unlock the Door for. I added Age Groups as well so you can unlock for Toddler - Children, Teens - Young Adults, Teens - Adults or Young Adults - Adults. To lock it for a certain Age again you need to “Unlock” the door for all and redo all locks.

Advanced Lock for "Everyone But Emloyees", will allow the following Employees to go through a Door:

  • Bartender Role
  • Maid Role
  • Entertainer Role
  • Caterer Role
  • job_pizzaDelivery
  • jobs_MassageTherapist_Service
  • job_Butler
  • jobs_nanny
  • situationJob_ecoinspector_inspector
  • job_Repair
  • jobs_Cafe_Barista
  • situationJob_civicinspector_inspector
  • jobs_OnsenEmployee
  • job_Bartender_WolfTown
  • job_bartender_BabyShower
  • jobs_FireBrigadeVolunteer
  • jobs_Firefighter
  • job_HighSchool_Active_Base_FireFighter
  • jobs_Venue_Waiter
  • jobs_Venue_Host
  • jobs_Venue_Chef
  • jobs_RelaxationVenue_Bartender
  • jobs_RelaxationVenue_MassageTherapist
  • jobs_RelaxationVenue_Reflexologist
  • job_GrimReaper
  • job_mailman
  • job_Festival_Blossom_Bartender
  • job_bartender_AlienWorld
  • job_Bartender_GoDancing
  • job_Bartender_Jungle
  • job_bartender_bar_MyshunoMeadows
  • situationJob_VIPRope_Bouncer
  • job_bartender_HiredNPC
  • job_caterer_HiredNPC
  • job_Caterer_Vegetarian_HiredNPC
  • job_Festival_Food_Bartender
  • jobs_Cafe_Barista_HiredNPC
  • job_entertainer_birthday_party
  • job_entertainer_BlackAndWhiteParty
  • job_entertainer_wedding
  • job_Entertainer_Guitar_AtHome
  • job_Entertainer_MicComedy_AtHome
  • job_Entertainer_Piano_AtHome
  • job_Entertainer_Violin_AtHome
  • job_Entertainer_Organ_AtHome
  • job_entertainer_lounge
  • jobs_Venue_HomeChef
  • job_bartender
  • job_bartender_birthday_party
  • job_bartender_BlackAndWhiteParty
  • job_bartender_CostumeParty
  • job_bartender_dinner_party
  • job_bartender_singles_party
  • job_bartender_wedding
  • job_bartender_bar
  • job_Gardener_Service
  • job_maid
  • jobs_Service_NPC_RanchHand
  • situationJob_Retail_Employee
  • situationJob_Retail_NPCEmployee
  • situationJob_CareerDoctor_NPC_Doctor
  • situationJob_CareerDoctor_NPC_Doctor_diagnoser
  • situationJob_CareerDoctor_NPC_OBGYN
  • situationJob_CareerDoctor_NPC_Nurse
  • situationJob_CareerDoctor_NPC_Assistant
  • jobs_Vet_Employee


On Community Lots


Lock for all, Unlock for all, allow Employees/Butler and “Unlock Door for…” are enabled on Community Lots. New: Gender & Age Door Locks (only one Age can be locked out at the same time!) 


How to unlock/lock Doors for specific Sims/Pets


Unlock For Sims:

  • Lock the Door for all
  • Then Unlock it for chosen Sims
  • The Door is then unlocked for the chosen Sims and the Active Sim which you have used to Unlock the Door

Unlock For Pets:

  • Lock the Door for all Dogs or Cats
  • Then Unlock it for chosen Pets
  • The Door is then unlocked for the chosen Pets

Lock For certain Sims:

  • Under the Lock Door for Pie Menu is a new Lock Door for Menu where ou can lock certain Sims out. Unfortunaley i could not use the comfortable Sim Picker Menu for this. So all Sims will show in a normal Picker Menu and has to be clicked one by one.


 What you also need to know


I cannot guarantee that this will work on Apartment Front Doors. They seem to have a different Unlock/Lock mechanic from the Outside.

If a sim has already decided on their route to a location, locking a door on their chosen path will be ignored until the next time they try to find a route somewhere.



  • Polish by Pawlq/Dariaxx
  • Dutch by ElenaInTheSims
  • French by Yuu
  • Spanish by Juniorcayher
  • Portuguese by Guedesrs
  • Japanese by Simtelma/ maru dada
  • Danish by Sighubert
  • Russian by KissaLopa
  • Italian by zaffirogarnet/ CriIncubus
  • Simplified Chinese by Licer
  • Traditional Chinese by hristine_jxn, Soulkiller, Licer


Mod Support available via my Discord: