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This is to unhide base-game and pack traits & put them in the reward store to pick.

** Base-Game Compatible but recommends you to remove any packages for packs you don't own!!!

** Compatible with ALL mods by me.

** Compatible with ALL cc traits

  • This edits the corresponding game traits tunings.


👑  List of Traits get Unhidden & Check Edited Game Resources 
❓   EP? GP? SP? List of Sims 4 Pack Codes



Not Required but Recommended Mods:

  • My 200+ Custom Traits give you many more personality traits to choose from.
  • My All Traits In Reward Store allows you to pick Preferences, Personality Traits, Reward Traits, Aspiration Bonus Traits, Toddler Bonus, Character Values, Lifestyles, Diplomas, Bloodline, Ghost Types through Reward Store.
  • My Custom Traits in Club Filter let you set all Preferences, Lifestyles, Parenthood Phases, University Diploma/Degree, Ghost/Death Types, Rewards, and Aspirations Bonus Traits from the base-game and packs as well as custom traits made by me and many other creators' traits as the club requirement.
  • My More Cheats In New Menu has cheats to pick and add Preferences, Lifestyles, etc to Sims in gameplay mode.


All Chingyu Infos You Need:

👁‍🗨 Master-post for ALL my mods
👁‍🗨 Learn how to install a mod & FAQs
👁‍🗨 Terms of Use
👁‍🗨 Ask Questions/ Suggestions/ Bug Reports on Discord
▶ I need to see a screenshot or LE report to help you figure out what's wrong!
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Translations and Credits:

Since the amazing modder SHUSHU is going on a long hiatus, I updated SHUSHU's unhidden traits mod and added more from base game & newer packs as well as to put them in reward store to purchase.
Italian translations by Rahl81. (merged in mods) Thanks!

-------Be sure to agree to my TOU before you download and use my mods -------



  • Extract the zip and put the package(s) you want in less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder.
  • ❗❗❗** Remove ANY Packs you don't have or you may get LE❗❗❗
  • 🚥🚥 Reward store requires an XML injector for it to work. These traits won't show up in the reward store if you don't have the injector. In addition, you may use my AddTraitsMenu to change traits.
  • If you use a translation, download the mod as usual and also put the translation package directly in your Mod folder.
  • You need to remove chingyu_Unhidden_BG_Handedness if you use Slides Of Life. SOL is known to be editing the left and right-handed files for injecting their menu.