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Custom Traits in Club Filter

🎪  Setting all Genders, Preferences, Fears, Walkstyles, Ghost/Death Types, Reward Traits, Aspirations Bonus Traits, Snowy Escape Lifestyles, Parenthood Phases, University Diplomas/Degrees, and Werewolf Temperaments from the base game and packs as the club requirement.

🎪  Setting all Custom Traits I and many other creators made as the club requirement.

🎪  An option to raise skills and household wealth requirements

**  Conflicts with any other club filters editing S4_03B33DDF_00000000_24622A2196A9C62F_clubs . club_tuning

** Conflicts with LMS's LittleMsSam_RSM_NoAutoClubGathering! If you want to prevent auto club gathering, you need to use THIS script mod by Turbodriver for it which no conflicts will occur.

  • Club System is a feature from Get Together Expansion Pack


👑 View Mod Details and Edited Game Resources on my Site


Edited Skill and Household Wealth Club Requirements (Optional):

  • Skill level 2 -> Level 4
  • Wealth: 
Poor: Less Than §25,000
Middle Class: (§25,000 - §80,000)
Wealthy: More Than §80,000


Supported Traits (Listed from A-Z)

  • All my custom traits
  • All EA Preferences
  • All EA Personality traits
  • All EA Bonus/Reward traits
  • All EA Ghost/Death Types
  • All EA Genders Options
  • All EA Walkstyles
  • All EA Fears
  • University Diploma/Degree
  • Snowy Escape Lifestyles
  • Parenthood Phases
  • Werewolf bloodlines & Temperaments
  • Many custom traits from other creators (see below)


Links to download all my custom traits & Preferences:


Other Creators' traits included in this Club Filter:

  • All working custom traits on Mod The Sims site that have been updated after the Snowy Escape patch.
  • Caradriel (All)
  • ChippedSim's Animal Shelter
  • ERO
  • Frankk's Language Barriers
  • Helaene's Custom Preferences
  • ilkavelle's Cats and Dogs Traits & Vampire Themed Traits
  • Jamjars's Omegaverse Traits
  • KawaiiStacie's SOL personality system traits
  • Kiara (All)
  • Kuttoe's Emotional, Hobbies, Spa traits
  • llazyneiph's Royalty Traits 
  • LoryNa's ParentingStyles Traits
  • Lumpinou (All)
  • Midiar’s Better Sim
  • MissyHissy's Personality, and Hobby Mod
  • NateTheL0ser's Fatal Flaws, and Misery Traits
  • pimpmysims4's LGBT Traits, Better Elder, and Cult mod
  • Radiophobe's zodiac signs
  • Sacrificial  (All)
  • Scarlet (Traits updated by Kuttoe)
  • Shiningmoonmods' Health System Overhaul
  • Simularity (All)
  • Siriussimmer's Likes and Dislikes of Homework and Soccer
  • Snowiii95 (All)
  • SpinningPlumbobs's Custom Life states including Werewolf, Fairy, Witch, and Whitelighters; Occult Preferences
  • Triplis's Sorcerer, Child & Teen Exclusive Traits, and Philosopher Trait
  • Turbodriver's Wonderful Whims
  • YourFalseHope (All)
  • Zero's Better Ghosts


Not Required but Recommended Mods:

  • My 200+ Custom Traits give you many more traits to set as club requirements.
  • My More CAS Traits is a tuning mod that allows your Sims to have more than 3 Personality (CAS) traits without script or changes to UI.
  • My Sorted Traits Picker allows you to add traits to your Sims categorized by game packs,  cc trait packs, and their creators, without going through a long list of AddTraitsMenu.
  • My Mass Traits Remover helps you to remove traits from your Sims/Pets in bulk, without clicking on remove traits one by one with other cheat traits mod.
  • My Lifetime Traits is a mod to assign corresponding personality traits when toddlers grow up to child age. You can still edit the auto-assigned traits in the aging-up UI if you don't like them!
  • My All Traits In Reward Store allows you to pick Preferences, Personality Traits, Reward Traits, Aspiration Bonus Traits, Toddler Bonus, Character Values, Lifestyles, Diplomas, Bloodline, Ghost Types through Reward Store.
  • My Holiday Tradition Override makes custom traits affecting the Love and Ignoration (Does Not Care) of Holiday Traditions. E.g. Aromantic Sims no longer want to celebrate any love day tradition, Hostile Sims love the fighting tradition, etc.


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  • Put the package in less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder.