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  • A traits pack of remaking 50+ in-game store/ reward traits in CAS.
  • This is similar to ATICAS but I only keep those with actual gameplay effects that can be remade to make them more meaningful as CAS Traits.
  • ATICAS has been conflicted with some of my mods so I asked Eunola for permission to make a version of my own to work with my custom traits and mods.


Each trait has its own CAS animations, Gameplay features, Impacts on Character Values & Reputation on NPC added.  Available for Child+ ages.

This can be used with my Genetic Rewards which Sims with traits from this pack can have offspring with the reward version.

  • ** Base-Game Compatible & Add-Ons for a few selected packs
  • ** Compatible with ALL mods by me.
  • ** Compatible with ALL cc traits by me and other creators
  • This does not edit any game traits tunings or trait buffs tunings for compatibilities.
  • Edit of game tunings for more gameplay features is minimized.


👑  List of Traits remade & Check Edited Game Resources 


Not Required but Recommended Mods:

  • My 200+ Custom Traits give you many more personality traits to choose from.
  • My Unhidden Traits & In store to unhidden more base-game and pack traits & put them in the reward store to pick.
  • My Sorted Traits Picker allows you to add traits to your Sims categorized by game packs,  cc trait packs, and their creators, without going through a long list of AddTraitsMenu.
  • My Mass Traits Remover helps you to remove traits from your Sims/Pets in bulk, without clicking on remove traits one by one with other cheat traits mod.
  • My More CAS Traits is a tuning mod that allows your Sims to have more than 3 Personality (CAS) traits without script or changes to UI.
  • My All Traits In Reward Store allows you to pick Preferences, Personality Traits, Reward Traits, Aspiration Bonus Traits, Toddler Bonus, Character Values, Lifestyles, Diplomas, Bloodline, Ghost Types through Reward Store.
  • My Custom Traits in Club Filter let you set all Preferences, Lifestyles, Parenthood Phases, University Diploma/Degree, Ghost/Death Types, Rewards, and Aspirations Bonus Traits from the base-game and packs as well as custom traits made by me and many other creators' traits as the club requirement.
  • My Holiday Tradition Override makes custom traits affecting the Love and Ignoration (Does Not Care) of Holiday Traditions. E.g. Aromantic Sims no longer want to celebrate any love day tradition, Hostile Sims love the fighting tradition, etc.
  • My Genetic Rewards is a mod to pass on store satisfaction rewards from a parent to offspring/ according to the parents' personality (including Remade In CAS) / to assign the rewards randomly. You can choose which approach(es) you prefer.

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  • Put the package(s) you want in less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder.
  • You may also add the traits to Sims with Traits Picker and/or AddTraitsMenu.
  • If you use a translation, download the mod as usual and also put the translation package directly in your Mod folder.