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The One With All The Romance


 ****REQUIRED DOWNLOADS:***** Please note this mod has required downloads. Make sure to check the "Relations" tab for the links of the additional downloads needed for this mod to run correctly. OTHERWISE THE MOD WILL NOT WORK!






  • General Romantic interactions for couples like showing appreciation, telling them they still give your Sim butterflies, and more!
  • Get To Know: Have conversation starters to keep your interactions more interesting. (e.g. “What do you like to do for fun?”, “What would your dream date night be?”, “Tell me about yourself”, etc)
  • Choose which pick up line or compliment you want to use when flirting with another Sim. Get notification pop ups with your Sims line + the response from their partner.

  • You can talk about Relationship Milestones such as moving in together, saying I love you for the first time, having children, meeting the parents, etc.



  • Discuss Relationship: Have healthy discussions about things that are missing in a relationship. These interactions will strengthen the relationship instead of weakening it. (e.g. “Ask for more communication”, “I need more space”, etc). The Target Sim may sometimes get a temporary negative mood from these, but their relationship bar will grow from these discussions.


  • Tired of asking nicely? Argue about it! Have a variety of Arguments that will have a negative impact on the relationship. (e.g. “We never have fun anymore”, “Why are you so jealous?”, “Who are you texting?”, “Why am I never a priority for you?”, etc)


  • Arguing too much? Maybe it’s time for a break up. Different reasons for Break Ups will result in different responses.


  • Enemies to Lovers: Do you have two Sims who hate each other, but really deep down are into each other? These interactions look like fighting, but really they are just flirting in disguise (e.g. pretending to hate, hide jealousy, teasing, etc)
  • Friends to Lovers: ambiguously flirty and friendly comments for your Sims who are best friends but starting to feel a spark.


Note:  Not all interactions will be available to all Sims. The availability of some interactions will depend on your Sims' relationships. For example, Relationship Milestones will only be available if your Sims are significant others/boyfriend/girlfriend. Discuss Relationship will be available for any Sims in any relationship, including married or engaged Sims. Get to Know interactions are only for Sims with low relationship progress who may not know each other yet. etc....