The 100 Base Game Traits Pack V1

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💙 Sul Sul! Vicky's bringing you the Trait Pack with 100+ traits.
💙 Each trait has its own CAS animations, autonomy, distinctive buffs, impacts on relationships, and emotions
💙  Provided with CAS Traits version and Reward Traits (cannot install both)
💙 They are all base game compatible. No other requirement!
💙 All my Custom Traits Packs are compatible with any other mods.

🤩 Part 1 focused on own stimulation and emotional response.
👯‍♂️ Part 2 focused on defining extroversion, social image, and social behavior of a Sim.
💕 Part 3 focused on expressions in intimate relationships.
✨ Part 4 focused on subjective qualities of Sims' appearance.
🎨 Part 5 focused on talents and weaknesses that a Sim is born with.


👑  List of 100 Traits Names, Descriptions, and Game Effects Info 

  What's the difference between the Original (CAS) and Reward Version? 
💠 Check out All Custom Traits Pack by Me
🍒 Not So Berry Challenge using my 100 Base Game Traits

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Translations and Credits:

Icons are all from icons8 Thanks!
✍ Brazilian Portuguese translation by ABronte, Lu, and MariBacelar. Thanks!
✍ Dutch translation by GothiqueAngel. Thanks!
✍ German translation by QuenAyumi. Thanks!
✍ Japanese 日本語 translation by Nonocan. Thanks!
✍ Polish translation by rhevv. Thanks!
✍ Russian translation by Violua and Coregirl from group Origamika. Thanks!
✍ Spanish translation by NightInfinite. Thanks!
✍ Traditional Chinese繁體中文翻譯 & Simplified Chinese 简体中文翻译 for PART 1-5
by Daylight meteor. Thanks!
✍Traditional Chinese繁體中文翻譯 for Real Disorder Names by Moonlikeruo. Thanks!
Francophones ? Vous trouverez chez Kimikosoma, dans la partie "Traits par Chingyu", les différentes traductions des traits. A mettre dans le même dossier que les mods concernés!

-------Be sure to agree to my TOU before you download and use my mods -------



  • Extract the downloaded zip and PUT chingyu_100TraitsV1_DefaultStrings_DO_NOT_REMOVE.package PLUS any Trait package(s) you want into less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder. 
  • Install either chingyu_100TRAITSPACK_V1.7 or V1.7_Reward Version. Choose either CAS Version or Reward Trait Version!
  • To add the reward version to Sims, use my Traits Picker or AddTraitsMenu.
  • Remove the Part 1 & Part 4 folder when you use 100 Base Game Traits Pack V2.
  • The addons and pickers are optional only.
  • You need to put the ! package directly in Mod folder if you use the rename to real disorder addon
  • If you use a translation, download the mod as usual and also put the translation package directly in your Mod folder.