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Latest version XML INJECTOR IS REQUIRED for this mod to work.

I've been bothered by how Sims would hastily get up from chairs as soon as I told them to sit. That's why I made this mod as an attempt to alleviate the issue and provide a relatively more "steady" sitting experience.


This mod adds the following new interaction options:

  • "Steady Sit" option for chairs and pool edges. It allows Sims to sit down while restricting most of the autonomous interactions that might prompt them to stand up. This will help Sims stay put in their seats longer instead of hastily standing up or frequently changing seats. They are still able to initiate interactions that they can do while sitting.
  • "Seat Sims Here" option for chairs, pool edges, and dining tables with chairs attached, allowing you to select one or multiple Sims and have them sit on the clicked or nearby chairs.
  • "Seat All Diners" option to the floor in restaurants. Sims who have claimed tables will return to their seats and continue their dining process, while unassigned sims will sit at random seats in non-dining areas.
    (All three of the above options will give Sims the same effect of stay seated longer as the "Steady Sit" option.)
  • "Leave Seat" option for every Sim in steady sit state, allowing them to immediately stand up. (You can also simply initiate any interaction from pie menu like "Go Here""Call Over" to make them stand.)


Theoretically, Sims will stay seated for up to 240 Sim minutes. But it's not overly forceful, and Sims can still get up for various reasons, such as low motives, necessary reactions to the surroundings, any higher-priority interactions that haven't been restricted, or interactions initiated by player that require Sims to stand. You can check if Sims is still in Steady Sit by clicking on them to see if they have the "Leave Seat" option.


This mod was created based on my usual playstyle and environment and it has helped my Sims remain seated for the maximum possible time. However it's not a one-size-fits-all solution, and its effectiveness may vary depending on situations and other mods installed that introduce new autonomous actions. You may find it works well or not so well in your environment. Unfortunately I haven't tested it at special events like weddings as I've never played that part of game. Feedback is appreciated if you'd like to give it a try.





  • Place the .package and .ts4script files no more than one folder deep in your Mods folder, and be sure to delete localthumbcache when installing or updating the mod.



  • Base Game Compatible.
  • This mod overrides the following xml and will conflict with other mods that override the same:
    seating_Sit / pool_Sit / sit-smart
  • This mod is NOT likely to conflict with mods that let Sims autonomously sit to do specific interactions such as sit to eat, sit to drink, sit to watch.
  • Known Compatible Mods:
    - Less Musical Chairs by Bienchen83
    - Less Musical Chairs by Shimrod101 Updated by LittleMsSam
    - Various Seating Fixes by camsin259 Updated by LittleMsSam
    - Restaurant Sit Tweak, Sit at Weddings, Sit During Lounge Events by Bienchen83



  • English   (by me)
  • Chinese  (by me)
  • Russian  (by Bziki)
  • French    (by Miyaji)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (by teteminie) - not included
  • All other languages by machine translation
    (Please feel free to provide your version of translations!)


Special Credit to Triplis for the Test Set injection script templates, as well as LittleMsSam and Scumbumbo for the Test Global injection script template!


Please respect my TERMS OF USE, do not re-upload, redistribute my mods, or claim them as your own.