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Clean House & Ask to Clean House

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Latest version XML INJECTOR IS REQUIRED for this mod to work.


This mod adds two new interactions to the floor, which will show up when there is trash, spoiled food, or dirty objects on the lot:

1. "Clean House" option allows sims to clean the entire house.

  • It works similar to Neat Sim's "Cleaning Frenzy" interaction. Sims will get a custom buff that increases cleaning autonomy, letting them search for cleanable objects and focus on keeping the house clean for the next 3 sims hours without you having to manually click on each object.
  • I included more cleaning interactions in the mod, as well as excluding interactions that I thought were unnecessary, so that sim won't clean up unspoiled food, put away toys, etc.
  • Neat sims, Lazy sims, and regular sims will receive different buffs. Beware, Lazy Sims may slack off and neglect some cleaning due to boredom.
  • Not available for Slob Sims (as most cleaning interactions have disable autonomy for slob trait).

2. "Ask to Clean House" option allows you to pick one or more other sims to clean the house.

  • The picked sim will accept or refuse based on a set of conditions such as mood, motive, traits, relationships, lifestyles, and more. Asking guests will be more difficult than asking lot owners. Slob Sims will always refuse.
    (I think the success rate of the current settings appears good in my testing...if you find it too easy or too hard, please let me know.)


Some Notes:

  • Requires the autonomy setting to be "Full" in order to work. It relies on autonomy so sometimes sims can still get distracted.
  • Currently only available for residential lots.
  • If you have Parenthood installed, parents/caregivers will gain a small amount of Authority each time they ask their children/care dependents to clean house.
  • Children can also clean the house, but they will only do part of the cleaning, such as washing dishes or emptying trash.
  • I don't own certain DLCs like Laundry Day Stuff and Bust the Dust, so this mod doesn't take into account the interactions associated with them. (But if those interactions allow autonomous, some of them might have been automatically included.)





  • package: Main file. Required.
  • ts4script: This adds support for cleaning interactions not covered in the main file. Currently only includes interactions for EP11 Cottage Living and EP14 Horse Ranch. It is ok to not install if you don't have EP11 and 14.



  • Base Game Compatible
  • This mod does not override any in-game resources, so it should not conflict with other mods as far as I know.
  • However, if you have any mod installed that disables the autonomy of specific cleaning interactions, sims may not perform those interactions when cleaning the house either. Other cleaning interactions that are not disabled will still be performed normally.




Please respect my TERMS OF USE, do not re-upload, redistribute my mods or claim them as your own.