Spirits, Myths, and Legends

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*Updated for November 1st, 2022 patch (PC: / Mac:*

V1.2 Improvements:
- Replaced the mod interaction icon with a more ghastly icon
- Added a new story for teens-elders *This story is a little more intense and so I marked it with red text!*
- Sims will no longer autonomously tell stories due to notifications constantly popping up! *If you really would rather have sims autonomously use stories let me know!*

Spirits, Myths, and Legends Story Interactions introduces 11 new interactions for your sims to use! They are creepy and eerie myths and legends from around the world! I wanted to include something for the Halloween Season so here it is! This was a lot of work with researching these legends and trying to keep it as concise as I could!

When you load into the game you will see a brand new pie menu, "Spirits, Myths, and Legends". Inside are the new interactions. They are labeled by the country they inhabit. So that way you get a little surprise for what creature you get to read about! Teens-Elders can use the main interactions.

Children also have their own little stories to tell as well! They have 4 new ones and you access them the same way I stated above!

I ALSO included a new holiday tradition, "Tell a Spirits, Myths, and Legend Tale" and you complete it by telling stories!

Overall, this mod is quite simple. But it was a LOT of work. There are stories that you may or may not know about and it is quite interesting!

*NOTE: Paranormal Stuff IS REQUIRED or else you will not have any icons and that would be awkward*
*Seasons is not required, but you will not have access to the holiday tradition*