Smarter Self-Care

🍔🥛😴  This is a mod to allow your household Sims and NPCs to take better care of their needs and hobby before getting uncomfortable from their motives going too low.

  • So now you may focus on playing a story or doing other challenges without seeing your Sims starving or exhausting themselves.😁
  • Saved sims would have less need loss and higher need gain when you see them again.

**Compatible with all my mods including Balanced Life and Less Obsession.

👑 Mod Details and Edited Game Resources

Now consisting of (You can pick and choose what to install) :

    • Baby Care (Base Game): More attentive to nearby babies' needs;  less need loss/ higher need gain when you reload the household again.
    • Bladder (Base Game)
    • Chat (Base Game Compatible): Higher priority of other socials; Lower priority of vampire socials
    • Cook And Grab Food (Base Game Compatible): Higher priority of grabbing food instead of making new dishes; Lower priority of making dessert or baking
    • Energy (Base Game)
    • Fun Need (Base Game)
    • Gardening (Base Game): Slightly higher autonomy for gardening
    • Hobby (Base Game Compatible): Slightly higher autonomy for various activities
    • Horse Needs (Horse Ranch)
    • Hunger (Base Game)
    • Hygiene (Base Game) Also works for Mermaid because Mermaid's hydration relies on Hygiene
    • Less Risky Woohoo (Base Game Compatible): Lower priority of risky locations
    • Minor Needs (Base Game): Thirst, Hands Hygiene, Oral Hygiene
    • Nausea (Base Game)
    • NPC Care (Base Game Compatible): Higher romantic autonomy for dates, better need care for invited sims
    • Pet Needs (Cats and Dogs)
    • Plant Sim Water (Base Game)
    • Servo Needs (University)
    • SmallAnimalANDLivestockNeeds (Base Game Compatible): Works for any minor pets and animals from My First Pet Pack, and Livestock from Cottage Living Pack
    • Social Need (Base Game)
    • Spellcaster Need (Realm of Magic)
    • Toddler and Infant Care (Base Game)
    • Vampire Needs (Vampire)
    • Werewolf Needs  (Werewolf)
    • Wild Fox Needs (Cottage Living)


    • addon_MoreBedSleep (Base Game): Choosing beds to sleep more often

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  • Extract the downloaded zip and PUT any package you want into less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder.  Do NOT keep the zip in your Mod folder!