School Trips (Museum School Trip and School Expedition)


There are 2 new events: to Museum School Trip and School Expedition (focused on outdoors activities).


14 new interactions were added to enable students asking questions and gain new skills, also each question will get the responses from teacher! There is several options so I hope you'll like those random replies :D



Other children and teens (you don't need to know them, so it's great opportunity to meet other peers).



Part of the trip is to do activities, chosen randomly:

  • in museum: painting, drawing, forming in clay, painting mural, trying woodworking etc.
  • outdoors: fishing, collecting frogs, digging (looking for shells should also complete this task), also swimming and roasting marshmallows, etc.




There are added new "Teach" interactions available for teacher role. 

Each teacher should start a Lecture autonomously, but if they don't - there is an interaction "Give Lecture About..." available for teacher role; and "Ask to Start Lecture" available for students role.




 The better the result of trips, the better is skill boost and the mood.


But remember, if you get only Bronze, your Sim will get back bored ;)



English and Polish (by me)

French (MaiaGame )

Italian (SimsPhoria)

Chinese (Mumu)

Russian (Annie Hugss)

Dutch (by Kimberley)

Portuguese (qlaqercoixsa)

Spanish (by Nerea Lasa)

Russian (by Origamika Group)

Finnish (by Maija Känsäkangas)



Patch information
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