• 2024 March 21st - Fixed group IDs so it is now base game again. Linked Traditional Chinese translation.
  • 2024 January 16th - Added support for infants and Brazilian Portuguese translation by camelliasim.
  • 2023 March 25th - Added Dutch translation to the mod.


📌 Info & Description

This is a base game compatible mod that uses coat racks to remove hats and gloves while sims are inside a building, just like the shoe rack from Snowy Escape (minus the rule breaking and embarrassment stuff). There are also individual interactions on the sims under the "Actions" menu to remove hats or gloves whenever you want, or block them from following the rules.

If you have any other items you'd like removed while sims are in a building, let me know!

To use the mod, place your chosen coat rack down (options below) on the lot and click on it, you are given two options: Hat Rules and Glove Rules. You can mix and match the rules between hats and gloves, they have no impact on each other.


Glove Rules include:

  • Allow Gloves Indoors - Allows all sims to wear gloves while indoors.
  • Remove Gloves Indoors - Removes gloves on all sims while they are indoors.


Hat Rules include:

  • Allow Hats Indoors - Allows all sims to wear hats while indoors.
  • Remove Hats Indoors - Removes hats on all sims while they are indoors.
  • Remove Hats Indoors For Men - Removes hats for men only while they are indoors.
  • Remove Hats Indoors For Women Only - Removes hats for women only while they are indoors.
  • Remove Hats Indoors For All Men & Only Female Household Members - Removes hats for all men and only female household members while they are indoors. Women who are not part of the household will still wear their hats.


To stop a sim from following the glove or hat rules, click on them and under "Actions" choose "Block Sim From Following Glove/Hat Rules". This will allow you to block certain sims from following the household rules so that you can remove/add their hats or gloves whenever you want. It takes effect immediately, and depending on their location when doing so you may need to use the "Wear/Remove Hat/Gloves" interactions to add/remove the items again.

You can also use the "Wear/Remove Hat/Gloves" interactions wherever and whenever, in case you need them removed for photoshoots or other reasons. Keep in mind that if you do this in a building with rules and didn't block the sim from following them, the items will still be removed or added.


📌 Coat Rack Choices

There are 3 base game compatible coat racks to choose from, all of them cloned from EA with no changes other than custom tuning and custom tags added. All three of them sync your rules, so no matter which ones you put down the rules will be the same across the house.

  • Row of Coat Hooks - (First one on the left) Costs 150 simoleons; 3 swatches.
  • Wall-Mounted Coat Rack With Shelf - (Shown in the middle) Costs 160 simoleons, 6 swatches.
  • Pritchel Coat Rack - (Last one on the right) Costs 85 simoleons; 3 swatches


📌 Installing & Requirements

  • Base game compatible
  • Does not conflict with anything and does not contribute to the script limit.
  • When installing please keep the package and ts4script together, and make sure they are in your main mods folder or only one sub-folder deep.
  • Clear your localthumbcache before starting your game.
  • By downloading you are agreeing to my TOU (which is basically don't be a jerk).


📌 Uninstalling

To uninstall delete the package and ts4script from your folder. And as always, clear your localthumbcache after doing so.


📌 Translations

French by Nat02 (included)

Italian by Isy (included)

German by andi_paradise (included)

Dutch by GothiqueSimmer (included)

Brazilian Portuguese by camelliasim (included)


📌 Credits & Thanks

Lot51 for his base injector for the interactions, and the anon on Tumblr who helped me narrow down the cause of the LE.


📌 CC Creators

If you want to make custom coat racks to be used with my mod, then all you need to do is pick a coat rack to clone. You can also manually reference the custom object tuning in the Object Definition instead, which is MizoreYukii:ObjectTuning_HatRemovalSign and 10251283937189344365, and add the 562101662 tag to the Object Catalog Tags section. Don't forget to do this for each one in the Warehouse. And finally, do NOT include my tuning/scripts in your download, you must refer downloaders to this post. Tag me if you make any recolors/new coat racks!


If you happen to experience issues, please go to my Discord and post about your problem in the #support channel.