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(Note: Pancake has no interest in a group account for CurseForge or making an account himself, so I will be uploading our group mods to my page here.)


I'm sure we're not the only ones who have wanted one! This is Project Spiral, a functional spiral staircase mod that uses animations when traveling between floors and does not use the elevator teleporting system. It's also base game compatible and easy to use, and sims will use it just like EA stairs and ladders after it's placed.


These stairs are objects though and do not auto-adjust their height to match the wall height, so only the shortest wall height is currently visually supported, but sims can still use the stairs to travel to the next floor without issue. A future update will have additional stair heights to choose from for the walls. Also, you can place as many down as you'd like, and the floor cutout auto-applies and moves with the spiral staircase wherever it goes, similar to EA stairs/ladders. You can also place stairs directly above each other on each floor and sims will route with them continuously when going to higher floors!


Please note that this is beta testing, there will very likely be bugs (though we've done our best to fix everything) and that not all features are added! There shouldn't be any game breaking bugs though and you should be able to safely use this in your main saves.



Download and extract the files to your main mods folder or only one folder deep, as this is a script mod. Clear your localthumbcache before loading the game, instructions here if you are unfamiliar (you should always do this whenever adding or removing mods).

To uninstall, it's recommended to remove the stairs from your save first (to be safe) and then delete the files from your folder. Clear caches as usual after.


đź“ŚHow to Use

See the "Current Notes & Issues" down below for a list of what's not currently added, what to be aware of, and what is coming next before doing anything!

Once installed and in build mode you can either search by our names or "spiral", or "staircase", or go to the Appliances > Misc category to find the stairs and swatch of your choice, place it down where you'd like. That's it! The script and game handles the rest, even if you move it. If you delete the stairs though, you will need to delete the cutout manually. We will be looking into a way to remove the cutout after the stairs are deleted so you guys don't have to delete it yourselves.


đź“ŚCurrent Notes & Issues

  • Currently only the shortest wall height is supported visually, but sims can still travel to the next floor just fine even when using the tallest wall height. We are investigating additional stairs for the other heights. 
  • Child to Elder have animations but Toddlers do not, and will currently teleport instead unless carried, though animations are coming later.
  • Pets do not have any animations and do not teleport. Teleporting will come soon in an update, and then replaced with animations at a later date like toddlers.
  • There's some very minor "snapping" on the legs of the animations when entering/exiting the stairs. We will be improving this as well.
  • Deleting the spiral staircase leaves behind the cutout and the cutout needs to be deleted manually. We will be investigating a way to remove it automatically.
  • EA bug (due to floor cutouts): Spiral staircases leading into basements will not show the basement in the floor cutout and instead show a white void. The glass dance floors do this too, not something that can be fixed on our end.
  • EA bug (due to floor cutouts): The floor cutout may behave strangely around floors near rounded walls.
  • CC Creators: Custom cutouts are currently not possible due to the way the script is made, but we are investigating solutions.

If interested, please see the FAQ post (coming soon) to learn more details about the issues in the list.


đź“ŚCurrent Stairs & Swatches:

LittleDica made the Industrial Spiral Staircase (included in the download)! The Radiant is converted from TS3, and more options and swatches will be coming at a later date as well!


đź“ŚCC Creators - Creating New Spiral Stairs 

Simplest thing to do is clone one of our spiral stairs, then import your meshes and textures as normal, keeping the general shape of the entrance/exit in line with the rig and cutout. As noted in the current issues, custom cutouts are not currently supported, but we will be looking into solutions for stairs that need a different cutout.


đź“ŚKnown Conflicts

None, this is a fully custom mod and should not conflict with anything.


If you have a bug to report or need help, please go to our Discord server! It's easier to troubleshoot and pass information.


Major thanks to littledica for the Industrial Spiral Staircase object mesh, as well as lot51 for major help with scripting!