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This mod adds swimming skill (separately to fitness). Now, be careful with this mod. If your Sim can't swim or has low level (0-2 swimming skill level) they can really easily drown if you spend in the water too much time! It includes also swimming in the ocean if you have Island Living, so don't go far away at the beginning.


For the mod to work you need also XML injector (the current version).


Important! there is a known bug that I am not able to fix, I still didn’t find out how to remove it. It’s when you use the ladder from the ocean (Island Living) – the „Risk of drowning” buff stays forever with Sim. It doesn’t cause the death once Sim is out of the water, but it simply doesn’t vanish (even with codes which is very weird). It happens only when Sim uses ladder. AND the good news is, the buff disappears once you reload the game (enough to save and go to Main Menu and load again the save).


*In the worst scenario, if reloading game is not helping (although it never happened to me and I tried it several times and saving and then reloading game helped each time), you can always remove my mod, reload the game, and later put my mod again. Yes, in this case the skill progres will be gone but you can cheat with MCCC ;)


At first you'll get Barely Floating buff. When you get the second buff - Risk of Drowning - this is high time to get your Sim out of water immediately! (as game likes to lag... save a lot your game not loose your favourite Sim :P )


How to learn swimming safely?


You can start regular classes or take individul lesson (available on phone under Work category).


Also if other Sim has 5lvl of swimming skill, they can teach other to swim (all, childen and adults).


With this skill few new interactions comes as well (under Friendly>Interests):


Each level unlocks some activities (that previously were always available).


At level 2: Sim can drift on the back and can jump from diving platform into the pool normally or do cannonball (before those interactions are not available).


Level 3: Sim can also do snorkeling and do a swan dive from diving platform.


Level 4: Sim can now scuba dive and do a backflip from diving platform.


Level 5: Sim can now mentor other Sims in swimming and do free diving.


Also with each level Sim gets better stamina in the water, get tired more slowly. Style of swimming should be now affected by swimming skill, not fitness skill.


What's important: No NPC nor Sim that is outside of currently played household should be able to drown! I made tests and those Sims are safe now. No NPCs were harmed in the making or testing of this mod... Still... be careful ;)



English (by me, default)

Polish (be me)

French (Kimiko Soma)

German (by Hendrik McSims)

Chinese (by ttchubb)

Simplified Chinese (by AJia)

Spanish (by Enzo)

Dutch (by Kimberley)

Swedish (by Liba)

Brazilian Portuguese (by amazonidagirl or Ayrthwil or Alilin):