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This new mod adds a harp skill, with custom like and dislike, and the ability to write and license songs!  Play Classical, Folk, Medieval, and Romantic music, or write your own tunes.  One low-poly object included, 5 swatches, and custom audio files for every stage of this 10-level skill.


UPDATE: Thank you so much to Mieli for the Chinese translations!  You're fabulous and I appreciate the work you do!


Skill Level Information

Level 1 - Practice Harp

Level 2 - Discuss Harp Music, and Research Harp at the Computer

Level 3 - Unlocks ability to Play Medieval Songs

Level 4 - Sims can Pluck for Inspiration

Level 5 - Play Traditional Song and Listen and Learn form other Sims

Level 6 - Promise to Dedicate Songs

Level 7 - Unlocks Romantic Songs

Level 8 - Write, Scrap, and Name Songs

Level 9 - Play Classical Songs and License Songs on the Mailbox

Level 10 - Mentor other Sims in Harp Skill


Object Information

3 LODs, max 795 poly, 5 swatches.  Feel free to recolor or use as you wish, just credit back so others can download the skill/animations!