Hey y'all!  I'm back with another instrument mod, this time a woodwind.  Thank you so much to Virelai for helping pick out the repertoire and planning this mod!  Truly couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you also to everyone who helped test!


Skill Level Information

Level 1 - Practice Oboe

Level 2 - Discuss Oboe Music, and Research Oboe at the Computer

Level 3 - Unlocks ability to Play Country Dances

Level 4 - Sims can Play for Inspiration

Level 5 - Play Concertos and Listen and Learn from other Sims

Level 6 - Promise to Dedicate Songs

Level 7 - Play Classical Songs

Level 8 - Write, Scrap, and Name Songs

Level 9 - Play Orchestral Excerpts and License Songs on the Mailbox

Level 10 - Mentor other Sims in Oboe Skill


This mod includes one object (2883 poly).  Like the other musical skills, this mod comes with custom audio files and the ability to write and license songs.  It is base game compatible, but requires the XML Injector.  If you do not already have a copy in your game, you can get it here.