No Work! (New Holiday Tradition)

Like the School Holidays Tradition Mod this Mod gives Young Adults and above a Day off Work. This is a new Tradition to use via the Calendar Holiday Feature and should work for custom Careers too.

Just add this Tradition to a Holiday and your Sims will get a free Day. You don’t need to add any extra Traditions. The Day off will fulfill the Tradition immediately.

There are three Traditions:

  • No Work!
  • No Work! (Women only)
  • No Work! (Men only)

DON’T check the Day off Option on top of the Holiday Setting Window or else Children & Teens will get a free Day too!

Important Info: Some Careers have Work Schedules around the Time the Holiday gets active (6 am) and the Time the Day Off Loot will get added. I don’t know how that affects the Game in this case.


Mod Support available via my Discord: