No Strangers knocking at your Door

This little tuning Mods attemps to get Friends instead of Strangers knocking at your Door. Mod Idea/Request by verityjones (on MTS).

>>> No Strangers knocking at your Door <<<

Now instead of Strangers Sims who you have met and have a Friendship min value of 10 are going to knock at your door.

Since it is not easy to test this fully, there might be a chance that there is still a file i have missed. Let me know if there are still Strangers (check your Relationship Panel to be sure they really are Strangers) knocking at your door.

>>> No Strangers knocking at your Door Addon<<<

Every NPC who knocks at your Door gets an Buff which prevents them to knock again for a certain time (i think). With this Addon i increased that Time from 60 min to 1 Day


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