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New Hobby Traits

This trait pack adds new traits to give your Sims favored pastime or other special interests. Each trait comes with new moodlets, social interactions, holiday tradition preferences, and whim sets.



Traits Included in This Pack



These Sims enjoy making things by hand, and will become Happy when woodworking, making flower arrangements, or baking. They will get quite Bored of automatic crafting, though, like working with a fabricator. They can Talk About Latest Projects with other Sims.



These Sims love to take part in games of skill. They get strong moodlets from winning or losing a game or debate, and may become Bored if they don’t take part in competitions for too long. Their unique socials are Ask About Favorite Games, Brag About Wins, and Call a Big Loser. They are very bad at Conflict Resolution.


(Social Trait)



These Sims love to work in their garden. They get Happy anytime they are working with plants,  and they enjoy harvesting the fruits of their labor most of all. They can Enthuse About Favorite Plants and Talk About How Neat Nature Is with other Sims.


Movie Buff

These Sims love to watch movies and talk about them. They get strong moodlets after the film is over (for better or worse) and get benefits by sharing their thoughts on the quality of the film with others afterwards. They also love eating popcorn.



These Sims love to write books, blog posts, and journal entries. Anything with the written word with keep them Happy. They can Share Latest Story Ideas, Complain About Writer's Block, and Talk About Favorite Ships.



These Sims are old-fashioned and get stressed out by any new technology with more than two buttons. They’re acutely aware of the ever-present and looming threat of robot overlords. 

Technophobes will struggle with any technologically minded skill, especially Programming and Robotics, and will see further penalties to any career involving these skills. They don't like being around Smart Speakers and Drones, and will have a very strong reaction to seeing a Servo in person. They can Complain About Technology, Reminisce About Simpler Times, Lament the Approaching Robot Invasion, and Accuse of Being a Robot; other Sim's reactions to these socials will depend on their own traits. They have steep penalties for most skills and careers centered about technology, such as Programming or Tech Guru. 


(Lifestyle Trait)



These Sims love to know what makes things tick. They love doing upgrades, working on robots, and programming. Tinkers get a bonus to mechanical skills like Programming, Handiness, Rocket Science, and Robotics. Building and activating a Servo is as fulfilling to Tinkers as having a baby would be for most other Sims. They can Discuss Device Schematics and Joke About Favorite Tool. 



These Sims love to travel and experience different cultures. They like going on vacation, attending festivals, and posting about it on social media. These Sims will get stressed out if they don't go on vacation or to a festival in a while. Going on great vacations can give these Sims powerful moodlets that give bonuses to careers, skills, and relationships once they return home, though bad vacations will just give them Jet Lag. Worldly Sims get a bonus to the Selvadorada Culture skill, and excel at the Social Media and Secret Agent careers. They can Rave About Travel Locations and Talk About World Wonders. They also get a bonus to Empathy.



Languages Included

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese (thank you, 000263!)
  • Portuguese (thank you, ArturLira and Eve Kmax!)
  • Italian (thank you, Birdolina! and thank you, ISY, for the updates!)
  • French (thank you, Kimikosoma!)
  • Polish (thank you, oksytocyna and Astercholik!)
  • Russian (thank you, AnnieHugss!)
  • Spanish (thank you, Team Onnya!)
  • German (thank you, LittleDog1002/Roland!)
  • Danish (thank you, Julesthedane!)
  • Simplified Chinese (thank you, AJia!)
  • Dutch (thank you, GothiqueAngel!)


New translations are always welcome!



Most traits in this set only require the base game, but certain ones will need specific packs to be useful. Competitive uses assets from Get Together and City Living. Movie Buff explicitly requires Movie Hangout Stuff.


Special Thanks

Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout for his help and collaboration on all things Python and script
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community


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