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New Emotional Traits

This trait pack adds a set of ten new emotional traits which fill out the roster with traits associated with moods like Embarrassed and extreme versions of the existing mood-related traits with some drawbacks. All of them are available for children and older, and include new moodlets, whim sets, social interactions, Character Values modifiers, and assorted gameplay.



Traits Included in This Pack



Extreme version of Self-Assured, very Confident but may rub other Sims the wrong way. They can Belittle other Sims, and when they're Feeling Bold they may even do it accidentally, leading to Angry moodlets and Hurt sentiments. These Sims get a small bonus for the Debate skill, and for the Business, Politics, and Criminal careers. They're better at Emotional Control, but don't have much Empathy. 



Occasionally boosts the Fine emotion, removing much of the risk and reward of changing emotions. They're better at Emotional Control and have a slight resistance to the Scared mood.



Occasionally boosts the Scared emotion. These Sims are afraid of all sorts of things, like Occult Sims, mountain climbing, and even the dark! Keep them safe somewhere with lots of lights.



Extreme version of Creative, these Sims get very Inspired but may have trouble concentrating. They have the ability to Daydream, which after a short time will kick off a Brainstorm. Once they’ve organized their mind, they receive powerful boosts to Creative skills. 



Extreme version of the Genius trait, these Sims are very Focused but have a one-track mind. Others Sims may find Eggheads boring to talk to when they are in their own flow. They occasionally get great ideas and become Fixated. If you strike while the iron is hot and direct them to a productive activity while in this state, they can earn powerful boosts to Mental skills. If you take too much time and they forget their idea, expect frustration and stress! Eggheaded Sims also enjoy a bonus to the Debate skill and Responsibility, but don't have much Empathy.



Occasionally boosts the Embarrassed mood. Insecure Sims are uncomfortable around new people, and it's even worse when they are forced into doing public performances. Making friends can be difficult at first, but it's very rewarding for these Sims! The Confident feeling they get around friends allows them to things they would never attempt normally. Insecure Sims are always able to tell Self-Deprecating Jokes and get a boost to their Comedy skill, but get a penalty to Charisma and other social skills. They build friendships with animals faster than other Sims, and enjoy wearing those fashionable bags on their head when the "We Wear Bags" Neighborhood Action Plan is active. 



Occasionally boosts the Dazed mood. Oblivious Sims will have trouble building any and all skills, and even have trouble remembering other Sims' names. They can Space Out for hours at a time if you're not taking care of them. Ignorance is bliss, though, and these Sims enjoy a resistance to the Scared mood.



Extreme version of Cheerful, they tend to be very Happy all the time, but their big smiles can creep out other Sims. Their method of Cheering Up other Sims is a bit... over the top, too. 



Occasionally boosts the Bored emotion. These Sims require more fun than others, but they can be the life of the party if they're having a good time, putting everyone around them in a better mood. They autonomously seek out party activities, and can shout WOO! at other Sims to get them into the partying spirit immediately.  



Extreme version of Calm, these Sims have a powerful, permanent bonus to the Fine mood. If something terrible happens to overpower that and causes them to experience a negative mood, it may take some time for them to re-calibrate, and you'll have to work to get them back to normal. Stoic Sims are not ones to cry, even at a gravestone, but you can find them Brooding alone sometimes.



This mod only requires the base game of The Sims 4, but many of the traits will have more features when additional packs are installed.


Languages Included

  • English
  • Portuguese (thank you, ManyWhiTe and Eve Kmax!)
  • French (thank you, Candyman and AngryTeaDrinker!)
  • Russian (thank you, chibichibigames!)
  • Chinese (thank you, 000263!)
  • Italian (thank you, Robertas92 and ISY!)
  • Spanish (thank you, tyttamarzh!)
  • German (thank you, crispdinonuggies, LittleDog1002, and NC4T!)
  • Polish (thank you, lolikola and Astercholik!)
  • Czech (thank you, Elenha!)
  • Danish (thank you, Julesthedane!)
  • Dutch (thank you, maramsp!)


New translations are always welcome!


Special Thanks

Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout for his help and collaboration on all things Python and script
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community


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