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This mod adds aspiration that will fit perfectly if your Sim runs a business (retail, restaurant or vet clinic).

I hope it will enhace a bit your gameplay for retail system, as it did for me. The mod is adjusted for retail system, but also for restaurants and vet clinics.


Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and at least 1 from following packs: 

Get to Work (for retail) OR Dine Out (for restarurants) OR Cats and Dogs (for clinic)


1. Opening a Start-up

Open a Startup

Greet 5 Clients

Perform Business Interactions 15 Times


2. Building a Network

Hire New Employee

Have Earned $25,000

Greet 15 Clients


3. Recruiting Manager

Hire Next 2 Employees

Praise or Criticize an Employee 15 Times

Promote or Train Employees 5 Times

Perform Business Interactions 50 Times


4. Successful Entrepreneur

Perform Business Interactions 100 Times

Manage Employees 25 Times

Have Earned $75,000


Languages available:

  • English and Polish (default, by me)
  • Russian (Annie Hugss)
  • French  (Kimiko Soma) 
  • Chinese (MuMu ) 
  • Italian (by SimsPhoria) 
  • Portuguese (by Ana Júlia) 
  • Dutch (by Blobbie Blob) 
  • Spanish (by Nerea Lasa)


If you have feedback or comments, please write them in the comments section and I'll try to help you.

If you like the project and want to support me, consider checking out my Patreon page :)