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I present new aspiration mod for your Vampires - you don't need to be anymore polite and good vampire - release your desire for plasma and complete this aspiration to remove all your weaknesses and become immune to cure for vampirism.




As reward you get trait: The Original (yes, I had several inspirations, as I love stories about vampires in various forms, books, movies, tv series - I don't really care ;) ).


With this trait you will be immune to cure to vampirism (if thrown at you) and also you will get interaction to remove all your weaknesses.


*If you choose new power - you will be then force to choose also weaknesses. But afterwards you can use the interaction again and again get rid of weaknesses.


New interaction - Once you complete aspiration you get new interaction - Remove weaknesses.




1) Dark Path Awakened 

*Drink Casually 5 Times 

*Command to Be Mean 10 Times 

*Purchase the 'Eternally Welcome' Power


2) Common Bloodsucker 

*Drink Deeply 10 Times 

*Achieve Level 5 Pipe Organ Skill 

*Purchase the 'Bat Form' Power 

*Perform Mean or Mischief Interactions


3) Ascendant 

*Drain Life Spirit 15 Times 

*Deprive Needs 10 Times 

*Win a Vampire Duel 5 Times 

*Have 5 Enemies

4) Untamed 

*Drink Sim Plasma Without Permission 100 Times 

*Adversely Affect Emotions Around 10 Times 

*Turn A Loved One Into Vampire 

*Witness the Death of a Sim


Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and Vampires Game Pack!




This mod overrides following files:








But I checked a lot of mods that are overriding vampires files and my mod is not conflicting with any other existing mod, at least as long I could check it. If you find a mod conflicting with mine - let me know - I'll do update.





French thanks to MaiaGame 

Russian thanks to Annie Hugss 

Italian (SimsPhoria) 

Chinese + Chinese simplified (licer) 

Portuguese (Melqui Viana) 

Spanish (by Enzo) 

Dutch (by GothiqeSimmer)