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Mermaids can take Mud and Soak Bath



Mermaids can take Mud and Soak Bath

This is a Mod to enable Mermaids for Mud & Soak Bath. (Island Living & Spa Day needed)

How the Mod works: 

It is a workaround Mod since i am too dumb to edit actual Animations.

You’ll find the Mud & Soak Bath Interactions via Bathtubs (with the Mermaid icons). These Interactions will temporary remove the Discovered Mermaid Trait from your Sim. This will allow them to take those Baths. When the Masks, which Sims use when doing such Baths, gets removed, the Trait gets re-added to them. 

Be aware: When Mermaids do Mud & Soak Baths their Mermaid Fin won’t be visible


My Game glitched while doing such a Bath and my Sim got resetted and the Trait did not get re-added. What do i do now?

I recommend to let them do a Soak Bath again and let it complete so they remove the Mask on their own, which re-adds the Trait.


Mod Support available via my Discord: