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For the mod to work fully you need also XML injector (the current version). Otherwise some options will be unavailable.

Did you also wish to send your spellcasters to a real Magic School, something Hogwart like? I want to present to you Bonehilda's Magic School :)


*Now available also for children BUT to be able to fully participate in school as a child Sim - you need mod "Kids can perform magic/spell" by Cepzid available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/realistic-kids-41547853?l=de


***You can use MCCC settings to enable highschool dropping, OR Triplis mod if MCCC option doesn't work as expected. Julia gave me her feedback that it's better to "use triplis', even if you have MCCC, because it allows you to go to magic school as a career and still have afterschool activities, whereas MCCC makes you choose one or the other."

New School to choose

You can choose this as school career - normally by phone or computer, and if you have enabled school dropping by teens (with MCCC), this school will automatically replace the normal high school.


School Levels and Tasks


In this school you don't get normal grades, but you move to next level. Each level means diffrent set of tasks to get to next level. You start as Beginner.  

At each level Sim needs to write an essay on chosen topic (topics also change depending on level). You will get book to write essays in (Sim should use writing animation if they have desk or table nearby). If you lose the book, you can buy it normally via bookshelf. 

During entire school experience you can ask Sages for Career advices ;) (Under Friendly>Activities sub Category)


Various Subjects


While attending classes, you can choose various subjects. All available subjects are unlocked on 3rd level. If you choose Astronomy - you'll learn logic, if you use Practical Magic you'll have a chance to learn spell at the end of the day (but it will not always happen). 




On 4th level, you have to pass an exam. It is an active event. Click on your Sim to Take an Exam. Selecting 'yes' will take your Sim to Realm of Magic and event will start presenting the exam tasks to complete. If you fail completely, you can repeat an event. But if you pass at least with Bronze level, you will get a note and no chance to repeat. Don't worry, bronze level is already satisfactory :) I suggest to start with brewing a potion... it takes the longest time.


Exam notes have an impact my magic careers and salary. With best note - Excellent (Gold level)- you start careers from level 2 and you get signigicant salary boost (from 40 till 25% of the salary base). Very Good note (Silver level) - you'll get salary boost from 20 till 15%). Satisfactory level means you completed the school, but with no benefits.


Active School


I enabled this by "work from home" option (maybe in the future I could do real active school but this would require more testing). Choose work from home, the assignment would be to complete event Magic School at least at Bronze level. You can go to Realm of Magic or other lot (library or generic) that you choose for school. Also if you have Zerbu’s mod for Venues, you can place Realm of Magic lot outside of exact realm of magic.


Children can also participate in the event. Click on child Sim who joined the school - there will be interaction available to participate in the event - it will open the menu will all events, so just find the right one. 


I plan to update this mod soon to maybe add new features, like active school etc. But this will happen not sooner than in 2023 ;) 



English (by me, default)

Spanish (CindySims)

German (helene912)

Polish (by me)

French (by Kimiko Soma)

Portuguese (qlaqercoixsa)

Russian (Annie Hugss)

Dutch (by GothiqeSimmer)

Chinese by Shiloh


Requires Realm of Magic.