Requires the Realm of Magic game pack!

The Realm of Magic pack comes with three invisible objects that can't be found in the catalogue. These objects "attract" each of the magic sages, effectively designating rooms in the Magic HQ lot where they are most likely to be found.

This feature is unfortunately lost whenever players bulldoze the lot to build their own Magic HQ, so I cloned the three objects to allow players to set their own Sage rooms.

The attractors can be found in the Decorative/Miscellaneous category as a single object with three swatches. They turn invisible when in Live mode, and won't interfere with your sims' pathing at all. The objects borrow their model from a basegame hidden object, and look like this in Build mode:

The package also makes the default attractors visible in Build mode so you can delete them. They look like this:

Having multiple attractors of the same type in the lot won't cause any issues, but keep in mind that the Sages will usually walk towards the one that's closer to them. Since they are also free to roam around the lot, that can make the attractors pointless if you add too many.