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Automatic Preferences


In a vanilla game, the player receives a choice prompt for a new Like or Dislike whenever a sim runs an interaction while in a certain mood. It’s not a very nuanced system, and giving the player complete control makes it quite boring. This mod changes that.


Sims will slowly build up their Activity and Music Likes/Dislikes while interacting with the world around them, based on their mood. A small icon will pop up periodically over your sim’s head to indicate this progress.

Upon reaching a certain threshold, the sim will automatically gain a new preference!

Some traits will increase the rate at which a sim gains certain preferences. Gloomy sims tend to Dislike Comedy, for example, but they can still learn to enjoy it if you keep track of their mood.

Adittionally, some traits will immediately grant sims a preference the first time they try out a new activity, regardless of mood. Preferences that were set on CAS will take priority, so you can still have a Lazy sim who Likes Fitness if you want.


The vanilla system for these is pretty solid, so they’re mostly unchanged. Sims will gain these preferences based on their mood and traits, but they will now show a notification instead of a choice prompt.


Custom (modded) preferences are not supported, and there are currently no plans of adding support.


The mod is currently available in the following languages:

- English and Portuguese

If your game is in any other language, it will default to English.

If you translate the mod, please send the translation to lotharihoe@gmail.com and I’ll include it here!