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Sul sul!  Here is another new musical skill - the lute!  Thanks so much to Simverses for the suggestion!  This skill includes one low-poly object with three swatches.


Skill Level Information

Level 1 - Practice Lute

Level 2 - Discuss Lute Music, and Research Lute at the Computer

Level 3 - Unlocks ability to Play Folk Songs

Level 4 - Sims can Jam on the Lute

Level 5 - Sims can play Bard Songs

Level 6 - Serenade other Sims

Level 7 - Unlocks Court Songs

Level 8 - Write, Scrap, and Name Songs, and Craft Lutes on the Woodworking Table

Level 9 - Play Classical Songs and License Songs on the Mailbox

Level 10 - Mentor other Sims in the Lute Skill


Installation Note: This mod requires the XML Injector.  If you haven't already, you can download it HERE.

Hope you enjoy!