🧧🎄 This is an override of the game holiday tradition tunings to make Custom Traits affecting the Love and Ignoration (Does Not Care) of Holiday Traditions. E.g. Aromantic Sims no longer want to celebrate any love day tradition, Hostile Sims love the fighting tradition, etc.


  • Preferences to Likes/ Dislikes Holiday Traditions
  • Cheats to Ignore Holiday Traditions
  • Supporting my mods and custom traits, including:

I may add support to other creators' traits in the future.

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Translations and Credits:

Italian translation by Rahl81. Thanks! (translations merged in mod package)
Simplified Chinese 简体中文 & Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 translations by wenwenbalala. Thanks! (translations merged in mod package)

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  • Extract the downloaded zip
  • Put the main package (HolidayTraditionOverride) in less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder. This is a must-have for other add-ons to work.
  • Addons for preferences and cheats are optional. 
  • Put addon_IgnoreHoliday package + script together only ONE folder deep OR directly in your Mod Folder.