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 I have 3 aspirations for you. First one - Hardcore Gamer - focused entirely on playing and winning games, second one - Bookworm on reading and buying books. 3rd - Movie maniac aspiration focuses on watching TV. One of the task is to complete Movie Event, so make sure you have my mod or KawaiiStacie mod with this event  :)

This time I wanted to create aspirations focused only on fun, without involving career, making money, being famous etc. I decided to make new category for them - Hobby.



All 3 aspirations require only base game. If you have Movie Hangout SP, you can also watch movies from this pack for Movie Maniac aspiration.


For the mod to work you need also XML injector (the current version). 



English (by me, default)

Polish (by me)

French (by Kimiko Soma)

Dutch (by Kimberley)

Spanish by Mine (also known as Nerea)

Chinese (by Shiloh - https://www.sglynp.com/suid-558847) 




Mod is not overriding any file so should not cause any conflicts.