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Hire MakeUp Artist & Get Appearance Styling



Hire MakeUp Artist & Get a Appearance Styling (Get Famous)

This Mod adds two new Interactions to the All in One Styling Station:

  • Hire MakeUp Artist (100$)
  • Get a Appearance Styling

“Get a Appearance Styling” will load you Sim into CAS to get a new style.

The MakeUp Artist will “offer you” a styling so if he/she is busy it may take a moment. Make sure no locked doors are between the MakeUp Artist and your Sim.

Because of a CAS aging Bug i recommend to use this Fix (if you don’t have the current MCC Version installed)

Available Languages:
English (default),
German by me
Portuguese by Ana Carolina,
Chinese by Soulkiller, 
Japanese by maru dada,
Spanish by Juniorcayher, 
Swedish by hellogreeny,
Russian by Neko Amiko 
Simplified Chinese by Licer


Mod Support available via my Discord: