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Girly Girl
Required Packs: Get Famous, Get Together, Spa Day and Vintage Glamour  

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Get a Massage
Try on Outfits
Take Scented Bath
Record a Video on Beauty Tips
Record a Video on Fashion Advice
Record a Beauty Product Review
Gussy up in Mirror
Admire self in Mirror
Psych Self Up in Mirror
Get Manicure
Get Pedicure
Apply a Facial Mask
Social Interactions

Chat about Girly Girl Lifestyle
Chat about Chick Flicks
Chat about Make-up Brands
Chat about Clothing and Shoes
Brag about Outfits
Chat about Hairstyles

Try on Outfits
Take a bath with a Soak
Admire yourself
Become Confident
Freshen up in the mirror
Take a Selfie
Meet Someone New
Get Happy

Conflicts with the King and Tomboy Traits.