Grandparent Trait

Required Pack: Parenthood


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When Parenting Skill in use
Help with Homework
Purchase Toys
Bottle Feed Baby
Bounce Baby
Changer Baby Diaper
Coo at Baby
Cuddle Baby
Make Face w/ Baby
Find out what is wrong w/ Baby
Rock Baby
Shoosh Baby
Talk to Baby
Play Dolls
Play Flaschards with Toddler
Bathe Toddler
Check on Toddler
Tuck in Toddlers or Children
Social Interactions
Brag about Grandchildren
Talk about Grandchildren
Ask about Grandkids (To your kids only)
Give Future Advice (To Grandchildren only)
How about another grandbaby? (To your kids only)
Gain Parenting Skill
Talk to Baby
Cuddle Baby
Bounce Baby
Coo at Baby
Make Silly Faces at Baby
Check on Toddler
Play Dolls with Toddler
Read a Toddler to Sleep
Read a Book to Toddler
Potty Train a Toddler
Watch TV with a Toddler
Help Child with Homework
Encourage To (Parenting Skill)
Influence To (Parenting Skill)
Learn Parenting Skill 1.5x Faster