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  • Find it in the section Appliances-Refrigerator
  • Number of colors - 3


Install a showcase on a lot, hire a seller and buy any of the 18 dishes to choose from.


7 salads:

  • -Greek salad
  • -Avocado with herbs
  • -Vegetable salad with onions
  • -Iceberg lettuce and tomatoes
  • -Vegetable salad with strawberries
  • -Bean salad with crackers
  • -Potato salad with chicken


11 main dishes:

  • -Spaghetti Bolognese
  • -Steak and grilled vegetables
  • -Cod with potatoes
  • -Pilaf
  • -Pancakes with berries
  • -Stewed meat with vegetables
  • -Spaghetti with meat
  • -Risotto with sweet pepper
  • -Shrimp with vegetables
  • -Spaghetti and stew
  • -Salmon with vegetables

Some of the dishes will have a lot of calories, and some will help in losing weight. Follow the prompts in the description of the dish

 All dishes have closed lids, which automatically recline when the sim starts eating

We tried to recreate the atmosphere of ready-made food from the store


You can buy and eat right away or buy any dishes to go


The showcase will perfectly fit into the interior of any store or canteen