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28.06 Added content support S&S and a new menu for the microwave
25.04 Added support for new recipes S&S
22.03 Update for updated drinks files and functional objects. Salads are working with the base game again

Cookbook is required to work with custom recipes from S&S. Does not contain the recipes themselves, they can be downloaded separately

The cookbook is compatible:

  •  BG
  •  Simple life
  •  With all mods and other cookbooks

The cookbook has 8 swatch:

  • Realistic
  • Maxis Match
  • Simlish

Also you will find a special shelf for it if you want to hang in your kitchen. Shelf has 7 color options for different tastes and interiors. If you want to add more colors, you can write to us or do it yourself. Please just don't re-upload our files (they require frequent updates from our side)


 How to install:

👉download the file and place into your Mods folder

👉download the recipes (separately) you would like and place these into your Mods folder

👉You can place recipes and the book in subfolders


In game you can find Cookbook S&S in the small appliances section in the kitchen.

Place the cookbook anywhere on lot ( you can put it on our special shelf ).

Click on the book - a menu with recipes will open and you will be able to cook!


 For translators: If you want to make your own translation, put it on any platform convenient for you - your website, patreon, curseforge, etc.

Send us a link and we will insert it in the post. The link can be sent to our mail somik.severinka@gmail.com or here in private messages


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