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Functional animated blender:

  • Colors - 5
  • SP03 "Cool Kitchen" Stuff pack
  • Find  in the small appliances section in the Kitchen

How it works:

  • 👉Install the object on any counter
  • 👉Press the "Mix the shake" menu
  • 👉Select the desired drink

The process is animated by sounds and visual effects

When the shake is ready, you will receive a text notification that it has been placed in the Sim's luggage

Protein shakes:

  • Quantity - 6
  • Animation - drink through a straw
  • Have their own buff and energetic mood
  • Available in the restaurant
  • If you drink BEFORE strength training, they will help you build muscle mass faster (the effect is a little stronger and fewer calories than store bottles from the 2 part of the Healthy Food delivery)

Tin of protein:

  • You can buy it in the Cookbook (optional ingredient)
  • The tins open and give "Whey protein", which can be used as ingredient for making of shakes

The process of making protein shakes:


âť—Sims 4 Stuff Pack SP03 "Cool kitchen" (for the blender)

Optional (to buy protein):

Cookbook S&S 



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