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This event is in a way a debate and speech contest, where your Sim can win money, increase charisma and research and debate skill, as well as social skill and school performance if they are children.


Event adds 14 new debate topics (interactions) to podium pair, those are school and politics related topics.


Any age can participate in a dabate, also children (only the animation is not perfect as children become a bit longer and they hover over the ground ;) sorry, I am not good at animations ;)


To increase winning chances it's good to work on research and debate skill (also charisma and social skills if giving a speech), be in a good mood, like e.g. confident and prepare to debate in advance (for giving speeches preparation is to check Simpedia on a computer).


Silver and Gold reward level - for those levels Sim gets also special versions for interactions for politicians: Secure Vote and Ask for Donation 100$ - those versions of interactions are always successful. And special versions of interactions for neighborhood action plan – to convince to support a plan and to get signature to remove a plan – also always successful. Those interactions are available as long the reward buff is availble from the event.


Event was mostly created to enable children to debate and to add new debate topics that do not require any skill, nor preparation. Also it is used in my Afterschool Activities 2 mod.


Required packs:


Obviously, a debate interaction with opponent is only available with Discover University Expansion Pack. But for base game players I added all those interactions available as speech, using microphone (or podiums from City Living EP).



English – default, by me

Polish – by me

Dutch (by Kimberley)

Portuguese (qlaqercoixsa)

Spanish (by Nerea Lasa)

French (to download separately):

  • by Kimiko Soma: link 
  • by MaiaGame: link