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Recipes Information:

  • 3k poly
  • Recipe Category: Appetizer, Lunch, Dinner
  • Serving 8 for a large serving and 3 single servings
  • You can cook without cooking skills
  • Available for cooking "Off The Grid"


    With a large portion, you can take 3 types of different portions:

    • 🥩 Meat platter
    • 🥩 Cheese platter 
    • 🥩 Bowl with olives


Install only one version to choose from (ingredients are optional):

  • EA (if you play without Realistic Cooking Mod and/or SCCO)
  • Custom (if you are playing with Realistic Cooking Mod and/or SCCO)


The recipe contains a custom cooking mesh - slicing cheese



For the recipe to work, you need our Cookbook S&Sâť—


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