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Borrow Books From Library

For the mod to work you need also XML injector (the current version).  

I came up with idea for this mod while making Bookworm aspiration. It was quick and fun to do it :) First Sim needs to go to Library and talk to Librarian to sign in. Then each time they want to borrow a book, they first need to talk to librarian. Librarian is available in the library only during the day (I think between 8 am – 10 pm? ). 


You can borrow only 1 book at a time. It costs 0$. Remember to return the book on time (until buff expires). If you don’t, you’ll pay regular fee of 5$. To return the book, just click on it and choose interaction.  

There is also phone interaction to extend the loan period of borrowed book and an interaction with librarian to pay a fee for a lost book (this will allow to borrow books again without the need to return borrowed earlier book). 


I think it adds a small bit of realism to the game and finally makes libraries functional :D 

One known thing that I can’t change – once you borrow a book, you can actually return any book that you have, librarian won’t care. What's important - you returned the book, that's it.

Requires only base game.



English (by me, default)

Polish (by me)

French (by Kimiko Soma)

Chinese (by Aimeng and by Jia)

Simplified Chinese (by Jia)

Dutch (by Kimberley)

Spanish (by Enzo)

Portuguese (by qlaqercoixsa)

Swedish (by Liba)

German (by Mai Hwang)




Mod is not overriding any file so should not cause any conflicts. However, the length of buffs may vary if you use Meaningful Stories by roBurky.