This mod adds new social interactions, created mostly for children and teens, but not only. The idea was given by @MMohawk117. I developed it and gave it a life :)


For the mod to work you need also XML injector (the current version).


There are 6 new questions that kids can ask to their parents:

  • Ask about dating (only for children, not teens)
  • Ask what to buy as a gift for your crush
  • Ask where you should go for the first date
  • Ask how to ask your crush out
  • Ask if you can go on a date
  • Ask how your parents met each other


Interaction are under: Friendly > Deep Thoughts > Dating


Parents will reply to each question with few random replies. Also both children and parents will get buffs. Kid can get various buffs after each question, but parent will be sometimes locked with the buff they got in first place.


Question "Ask how your parents met each other" gives to parents a chance to tell real story about their experience. There are multiple answers, not only one.





Question "Ask if you can go on a date" can enable a "date event" for children (not for teens, because they can go on a normal date anyway) - if only parent gives permission. It was indeed inspired by Littlemssam's mod First Love :) you can use interactions from her mod to complete the event.




If children were adopted, they should still see those interactions. If a parent got married for the second time, new parent should use interaction "Adopt as Caregiver" and then they can be also asked those questions.


 *I think I alredy corrected all grammar mistakes, but I am too lazy to take new screen shots from the game, please forgive me :D



English (by me)

Polish (by Kinga Rojewska)

Italian (by SimsPhoria)

Chinese (by GreenOnion)

Russian (by Annie Hugss)

Portuguese (by Ana Júlia)

Dutch (by Kimberley)

German (by Dunkelziffer)

Swedish (by Liba)



Conflicts: Mod is not overriding anything so should cause no conflicts. If you use any mod affecting buffs strength and length (like Emotional Inertia for The Sims 4 by roBurky) my mod will be also affected and depending on settings buffs will be longer and stronger.