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  • This is a new mod to generate preferences for Sims when they age up.
  • It will generate one Like and one Dislike for each base-game preferences category (Activities, Colors, Music).
  • ** Base-Game Compatible
  • ** Compatible with ALL mods by me
  • ** Compatible with Helaene's PreferencesPlus mod
  • This edits the age-up interaction tunings. Check out the edited tunings to make sure you don't have any conflicting mods by other creators!


👑   Mod Features of Age Up add Preferences & Edited Game Resources


Not Required but Highly Recommended Mods:

  • Helaene's PreferencesPlus provides dozens of new preferences (hobbies, interests, venues, outfits, personal, food types, drinks, and flavors)
  • My Age Group Custom Preferences brings a new preferences category of Age Groups.
  • My Lifetime Traits is a mod to assign corresponding personality traits when toddlers grow up to child age. You can still edit the auto-assigned traits in the aging-up UI if you don't like them!
  • My More Cheats In New Menu has cheats to pick and add preferences to Sims in gameplay mode.
  • My Add Traits Menu lets you add and remove any traits including Preferences in gameplay mode.
  • My All Traits In Reward Store allows you to pick Preferences, Personality Traits, Reward Traits, Aspiration Bonus Traits, Toddler Bonus, Character Values, Lifestyles, Diplomas, Bloodline, Ghost Types through Reward Store.
  • My Custom Traits in Club Filter let you set all Preferences, Lifestyles, Parenthood Phases, University Diploma/Degree, Ghost/Death Types, Rewards, and Aspirations Bonus Traits from the base-game and packs as well as custom traits made by me and many other creators' traits as the club requirement.


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  • chingyu_AgeUpPreferences is the main package you must download.
  • Put the main package in less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder.
  • Only use the Addon for Decor Preferences when you own Dream Home Decorator Game Pack! Otherwise, you will get LEs!
  • Put any ! package directly in your mod folder and don't delete the "!" in the name.