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Absent Emotion Traits Pack

🤗  A total of 18 Custom Traits to forbid a Sim from getting a moodlet of a certain kinds of emotions.

🤗  I decided to make a separate traits pack for these because these game effects are handy for gameplay when you find a type of emotion very annoying. However, keep in mind that this will make goals that require a specific emotion to be impossible to complete.

  • Each trait has its own CAS animations, Whims, Impacts on Character Values, and Disabled Emotions.
  • Provided with CAS Traits version and Reward Traits version that can be used together
  • CAS version located in Emotional Category
  • Supporting Lumpinou's custom moods. It is not required but highly recommended to download Lumpinou's custom moods and my Lumpinou addon for 100 Traits V2 to utilize this Absent Emotion Traits Pack.
  • All my Custom Traits Packs are compatible with any other mods.
  • They are all base game compatible. No other requirement!
  • Available in Reward Store. Each trait costs 115 satisfaction points.


👑  Full Details of Absent Emotion Traits Pack

💠 Check out All Custom Traits Pack by Me

What's the difference between Original (CAS) and Reward Version?


Not Required but Recommended Mods:

  • My Lifetime Traits is a mod to assign corresponding personality traits when toddlers grow up to child age. You can still edit the auto-assigned traits in the aging-up UI if you don't like them!
  • My More CAS Traits is a tuning mod that allows your Sims to have more than 3 Personality (CAS) traits without script or changes to UI.
  • My Custom Traits in Club Filter let you set all Preferences, Lifestyles, Parenthood Phases, University Diploma/Degree, Ghost/Death Types, Rewards, and Aspirations Bonus Traits from the base-game and packs as well as custom traits made by me and many other creators' traits as the club requirement.
  • My Sorted Traits Picker allows you to add traits to your Sims categorized by game packs,  cc trait packs, and their creators, without going through a long list of AddTraitsMenu.
  • My Mass Traits Remover helps you to remove traits from your Sims/Pets in bulk, without clicking on remove traits one by one with other cheat traits mod.
  • My Holiday Tradition Override makes custom traits affecting the Love and Ignoration (Does Not Care) of Holiday Traditions. E.g. Aromantic Sims no longer want to celebrate any love day tradition, Hostile Sims love the fighting tradition, etc.


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Translations and Credits:

Icons are from icons8.com.

Polish translation by Nakato. Thanks! (translations are merged in mod package)

Spanish translation by joacoshug HERE

Simplified Chinese 简体中文 & Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 translations by wenwenbalala. Thanks! (translations are merged in mod packages)

Joueurs francophones, la description et la traduction de ces traits sont disponibles sur le site de Kimikosoma 

-------Be sure to agree to my TOU before you download and use my mods -------



  • You can use either or both casVer or RewardVer.
  • Reward store requires an XML injector for it to work. If you don't have the injector, the traits simply won't show up in the reward store. In addition, you may also add the reward version to Sims with Traits Picker and/or AddTraitsMenu.
  • Put the package into less than FIVE folders deep in your Mod Folder.