Boreal Vibrance EVERGREEN - Default Eyes With Extras

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Boreal Vibrance Evergreen - Handpainted Maxis Match Eyes, Human Defaults + Addons

I've had the idea to in my head to make my own default eyes for awhile and I can now finally present the first set in the little "series"; Boreal Vibrance Evergreen.

 Boreal Vibrance will be a series of default eyes, with some addons to round out each set, for human, occult and animal sims. The eyes have a maxis-match semi-realistic style with a focus on vibrant, diverse and versatile swatches. The first set, Evergreen, includess defaults and 2 addons for the human sims. 


  • Maxis-match sclera
  • Wide and diverse range of swatches
  • Custom subtle specular (eye gloss/shine)
  • Fully handpainted with a slight "imperfect" illustration style
  • Albino and blind swatches
  • Optional heterochromia (mesh by me) and contacts (skin detail and face paint respectively)
  • All Ages and Genders

Made to have a vibrant and diverse range, from pale icy blue to dark rich brown

I've found that many default sets will have great dark swatches but be lacking for the paler ones or vice versa. I like making striking and diverse sims so because of that my number one goal with Boreal Vibrance Evergreen was a good range of swatches; from piercing pale blue eyes to rich near-black brown eyes, and everything in between. I have spent a lot of time tweaking each individual swatch so they all look as good as possible.

Hazel, Albino & Blind SwatchesAnother priority was making proper hazel eyes (rather than replacing the hazel swatches with solid eye colors). I've also added three albino swatches and one blind/cataract swatch. Two of the albino swatches replace the red and violet vanilla eyes. Because I'm generally aiming for some semi-realism with these eyes, I felt this would make more sense than unnatural red and purple eyes. If you'd still like some unnatural eye colors, I will be including some in a spellcaster addon set in the future ;) 

20 Vibrant Swatches in Total!The set has a grand total of 20 swatches! 18 are default overrides, with two addon swatches (albino and blind swatch) to round out the set. 

Heterochromia & Contacts; Optional Addons found in Skin Details/Face PaintI've also included a "contacts" version found in face paints, as well as an heterochromia skin detail for all ages (including infants). These are optional and you can delete them if you don't want them!

Heterochromia mesh by me, other CC creators are free to use my meshes as long as you provide link and credit back to me as well as don't paywall any cc you create using them.

Custom Subtle Specular for a pretty and more natural eye gloss/shineThe vanilla eye gloss is a bit too much, especially for custom eyes with more detail than the vanilla eyes, at the same time, I never was a fan of removing the eye gloss entirely making the eyes matte instead. So, after a bit of fiddling and experimenting, I've managed to make a custom specular texture (that's what's creating the gloss effect) that's far less intrusive yet still retains a nice natural gloss effect to the eyes.

Boreal Vibrance - All SetsHumans - EVERGREEN

Vampires - CRIMSON

Werewolves - LUNAR

Mermaids - WIP

Aliens - WIP

Spellcasters - WIP

Plantsims - WIP

Cats & Dogs - Coming Soon

Cows, Llamas, Chickens & Foxes - WIP

Horses, Sheep & Goats - Planned