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Hello Everyone:),

I have fresh content for you and am happy to announce Fayun Part 2. This Set consist of 23 Living and Dining Room items.

Seating: Lets start with a set of items that I have fallen in love with and wanted my sims to have, its Sofas and an Armchair designed by Vincent van Duysen for Zara Home. Its a modern take on traditional linen sofas and In my head they mix really well with the tradional chinese items that I created. The sofas come in 18 different swatches and you have a 3tile version, a loveseat and an armchair

Slate tables: I think something that also fits the vibe quite well are two table made from 'Virtual :D' Slate or Plaster to bring in another more natural rough component. You will get a coffee and an end table version.

More Ming Dynasty: I created two dining tables, a console table, a shelf, a dining chair and a stool ( comes as table version too) and used my 'Ming Dynasty' book again as inspiration.

Lights: I found a beautiful Chinese Tea house and recreated their candelabras, I think they have something Buddhist about the and thought they fit quite well to my Set. Additionally I made a traditional floor light and hanging lights for all three wall heights.

Clutter: For the first time I actually made a sculpture completly from scratch, a little chinese Lion sitting on top of an incense burner, also something you could find in a tea house :) I made a lily and a physalis vase for autumn and a plate vith tangerines.

Everything is Base Game, but there are two versions of the incense burner, one non functional for base game and a funktional one that needs Spa Day to work


To find all items you can type ‘Felixandre’ or ‘Fayun’ in the search bar

*Please don’t change or reupload my content