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Euro Sleek Bathroom Set


Euro Sleek Bathroom is a European-styled Bathroom Set with 12 new objects. 



That includes:

  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Mirror
  • Shelf
  • Bathtub Overlay (decoration)*
  • European Light Switch (functional decoration)
  • European Power Outlet (decoration)
  • Toilet Brush (decoration)
  • Toilet Paper Roll Holder (decoration)
  • Wall Heater (decoration)
  • Rolled Towel (decoration - two pieces, stackable)
  • Concrete Slabs Wallpaper

    *an object that you can place over your existing bathtub to match it with the set


There are many swatches you can mix and match:




There are also 4 vibrant swatches - blue, pink, green, and yellow - for some of the objects from the set to match the base game bathroom color palette for a more family-friendly design.