Hello Hello Hello :),

I swear it's a coincidence that EA just published a Book Nook kit, maybe they have seen my hint from last month :D, joking.

I am thrilled to show you this month's items, a 40-piece modular library. The bookshelves are traditional in style and perfect for a chateau setting, in my opinion :) The Bookshelf can be made from six pieces: two single-tile bookshelves, a 2-tile version, a rounded inside corner, an outside corner, and an extra decorative piece for separation. The bookshelves are full height and you will get short, medium, and tall versions. You will get ladders for the medium and tall versions to spice up this library.

Now let me reveal a little secret, I made functional secret book doors matching the shelves, I included arch versions too :) People have been asking me to make them for years, but don't ask me why it took me so long to create them :D, I loved watching my testing sims walk through the book wall.

To fill up all the space I created 14 clutter items, 9 book pieces in two different styles and various sizes, 2 sculptures, 2 vases, and a box. I matched the slots to the dimensions of my items and everything can be mixed and matched quite well :)


To find all items you can type ‘Felixandre’ or ‘Chateau’ in the search bar

*Please don’t change or reupload my conten