Your company of marines has been tasked with defending an important research facility, that recently came under fire from the Zerg. Armed with the latest and newest gear, you are to fend off waves upon waves of the Swarm.

The year is 2499, and Sarah Kerrigan succeeds in planting a psi emitter in the Delta Squadron base camp on Antiga Prime. Thousands of Zerg rush towards the planet and soon overwhelm all Terran Confederate forces. One of the vital underground research facilities in the southern hemosphere however has survived the attack. Duke and his forces have retreated to Halcyon, but ordered your team to remain behind until the scientists can finish their bio-chemical research and aid in wiping out the Zerg on the planet once and for all. Do your best to survive the attacks of the Zerg until the scientists located underground can release their chemical weapon into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, you will not survive this confrontation either way. Hopefully by releasing the weapon, you can bring down most of the Zerg with you.

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