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A mod containing 72 unique planet models. Originally created by xcorbo, I advanced on his work by making individual models by hex editing the one that he made to be compatible with his other textures.

As of v1.4, I re-made the template model used by the models in order to fix a bug caused by Patch 3.0 that caused models to turn black.


Credits to xcorbo for creating the normals and diffuses.

Credits to Rispetto for making the models and making them compatible with his textures.


To import into your map simply use the mod and transfer the models you like. Do not change any paths of the textures, diffuses or models. The paths are as follow:



If you're importing these planets from scratch (I.E not from the mod) then import the diffuse and texture you want first for the planet you've selected (you can see a preview of the planets in planetindex), save the map, then import the model. The path for the diffuse and texture must be Assets/Textures otherwise the model will not work.

I will never delete the mod, so use as you please.


Alternative download here: