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Finally its here.

Its nothing special, like all these FPS games and RPG´s plopping up nowdays.
Its just an simple Remake of the old broodwar TankDefense with some little improvements.

The map is NOT Balanced, thats why im releasing it - to collect informations about balance stuff, and trigger issues.

Map Informations:
- 2-4 Players - added some extra money for the Start, to ensure 2 Players are able to at least beat the first 10 Levels. 4 Players Recommended.
- Tutorial on Startup - Use Zergling to start the Next Level, use zealots - u gain 1 every 10 kills - to exchange for minerals.
- Build Tanks, use Siege Mode and upgrade them.
- 20 Levels included, Final version will have 30+

Please provide Feedback! Report every bug or technical issue, problem or balance information - Thanks!


Because Blizzards popularity system kinda sucks, the newest version does not appear on top of the list on published maps in battle.net
If you play this map Online out of the Published maps, be sure to use the latest version, always found at the bottom of list.

LATEST ONLINE VERSION: Due to a Database Wipeout, the latest version number is 0.1 and the name changed to TankDef without the 2.0 at the end. TankDef - version 0.1


- readded some splash damage
- nerfed the first 3 levels a bit

! SORRY for these incredible annoying bugs in version 2.10! i didnt knew they were there, or how they appeared! use version 2.11 now, its fixed! !

- Added ready buttons (all 4 players ready = next level start)
- changed the money system and the money values
- added the option to choose between old style and experimental zealot income
- decreased range and splash damage of tanks
- added some credits

Experimental - info N/A

- Added Zealot Trading possibilities
- Changed the spawn of zealots from 20 to 10 kills needed (first 2 levels only 5 kills needed)
- Rebalanced every Level a bit, still kinda Easy but now harder in total
- Removed some Decals and added Text-tags to show howm uch money for howm uch zealots you get (localization issues on non enGB clients)
- Added additional text-tags for mapsupport (emailaddress for feedback included)

- Removed Intro and Difficulty options for better testing purpose
- levels 1-10 are kinda balanced (balanced with 2 players while getting 1 zealot every 20 kills, 4 players probably imbalanced)
- changed tank and scv hotkey so they wont override each other
- removed some doodads


  • Changed some stats of the first 6 waves to make them harder.
  • Added full map vision for Players 3,4,5
  • removed starting zealots to ensure balance testing
  • added choosable difficulties for 2 and 4 players (thanks to spinecrawler D! maker, i used your trigger for that :>)
    (2 players = 1 zealot every 20 kills, 4 players = 1 zealot every 10 kills)

Please provide Feedback!